Simple Classroom Systems

Step-by-step routines that put teachers back in control in just 4 weeks


Hey there teacher! Do you struggle to keep your classroom organized and running smoothly sometimes? How about classroom management and differentiation?

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You have so many amazing ideas to share with your students.

Implementing classroom routines is the biggest key to allowing you to teach more.

You're excited to find classroom routines, but you have so many questions!

  • What do I do if I have a small classroom?
  • How can I organize my tech center and student passwords?
  • Should I differentiate every lesson?
  • How do I work with the most challenging behavior problems out there?

I know I have wondered the same myself in the past! But I have learned some great tips and tricks to creating systems which are effective! Even better? They are SAVING YOU TIME to really focus on what matters the most: teaching!  

This is an opportunity for you to learn from my mistakes!

You're ready to teach more with less time spent trying to figure out where the resources are hiding.

You're ready to have real conversations with students during small group work instead of stopping to redirect other students constantly.

You're ready to love teaching again and go home feeling energized instead of deflated.

Simple Classroom Systems shows you step by step routines that put teachers back in control in just 4 weeks.

I will show you every single idea, in a clear and easy to follow style, how to prep for a sub, know what systems you need in place for your classroom needs, and how to organize the classroom of your dreams.

You will gain knowledge you can use over and over again as your students (and classroom needs) change year after year.

Here's what you'll learn in Simple Classroom Systems

I will take you from stress to more effectiveness after implementing the 6 learning modules in just 4 weeks.

Welcome Module

Review the foundations for why systems are vital to your vocational happiness.

Module 1: Classroom Organization Systems

Prepare your classroom so it is an inviting place that encourages student learning.

Module 2: Differentiation

Learn the basics of incorporating DI into your regular classroom routines without spending hours each week adding it in.

Module 3: Classroom Management

Set up your behavior management system so that students know what will happen when (and when not) following your classroom expectations.

Module 4: Tech Tips

Craft tech routines that encourage students to use tech appropriately, while also helping you to keep it neat and orderly.

Module 5: Paper Organization

Tame the paper monster in your classroom to keep piles to a minimum, be able to find files in a snap, and have a room is visually pleasing to all parents, admins, and colleagues who visit. 

"The amount of information you have at your finger tips is excellent! The lifetime access give you the capability to go as fast or as slow as you need to. It's packed with multitudes of ideas, structures and examples." -Lindsay

After taking Simple Classroom Systems you’ll have:

All the information you need to plan out your own personalized "classroom manual."

The confidence in knowing you can control your day and how you feel at the end of it.

A clear sense of direction when things get a little crazy (as they always do).

When you join, you get INSTANT and IMMEDIATE access to the entire course right away to get started. Every 7 days beyond that, you get a weekly email as your self-study session gets underway! Watch at your leisure or move through the course weekly for 4 weeks. The choice is yours. You have LIFETIME ACCESS and will always get any new updates to the course forever. While never paying a penny more.


What's in the Course?

6 value-packed Modules each split into easy to follow lessons. Hours of video content!

Lifetime Access to work at your own pace, as well as an additional updates to the course for life.

Full Course Workbook: Printable handouts to guide you through the course.

Let's do this together!

You won't be doing this alone. Here's your personal 4 week support system:

  • Weekly Email Check Ins

  •  24/7 Supportive & Friendly Community

Simple Classroom Systems is a right fit for you if:

-You have a classroom (or will at some point).

-You're looking for a proven process for setting up routines within your workspace. 

-You're willing give new things a go (even if they are outside your comfort zone).

-You will put aside time each week to invest in yourself and your classroom systems.

Simple Classroom Systems ISN'T for you if:

-You do not need more effective classroom systems in your classrooms.

-You prefer to teach/redirect/deal with a behavior issue/try and find a lost piece of paper in a huge pile/repeat. 

-You have found a way to get parent volunteer robots to run your classroom for you (I don't believe in paying for volunteer robots).

-You are planning on retiring in the next month or so from teaching forever. I wish you luck and thank you for your service. :)

-You aren't interested in putting in some extra time creating your systems now to save you way more time later.

"I will be full-time teaching 2nd and 3rd grade next year. I had been thinking about writing all my plans down for next year, when I got the email advertising the course. It was exactly what I was thinking about doing, and I decided to take the course to give me direction. It has been great as I put together my plan for next year! I am so glad that I enrolled for the course. It's exactly what I needed. THANK YOU!" -Hilary

Hi there! I am Charity!


I received my undergrad degree in Early Childhood Education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in 2003. Being the first from my family to go to college was both a blessing and a curse. You see, I actually spent 10 years in the retail management field - and I was pretty successful. But it left me unfulfilled. I also wanted a better work schedule to spend nights and weekends with my family.

After resigning my management position, moving back home (yes, seriously), and enrolling in college all in one week, I was determined to be the best non-traditional student out there. And I was. I graduated magna cum laude and was prouder than anyone out there. I could not wait to begin my journey as an elementary teacher!

Well, my bubble was burst pretty quickly as there were no jobs in my small hometown in northern Ohio. In fact, there were none for at least 60 miles unless I was willing to drive over an hour to an inner city school.

I worked as a substitute for 2 years at one school. You really can't appreciate what substitutes do for you until you are one day in and day out. As much as the principal shared with me that she would love to hire me, except she didn't have an opening, I began to realize that my dream of having my own classroom needed to shift. Being a single parent at that time, I was struggling to make ends meet on sub pay and no benefits. The holiday and summer breaks really made it tough to stay in education. Even with a side tutoring gig, I could barely pay my car payment, insurance, and food for myself and daughter. Student loans were on their own.

So, I moved 2,000 miles from Ohio to Southwest Florida!

There, I finally snagged a classroom and was elated!

Until the first week of school. Where I promptly cried at my desk daily, hoping none of my new colleagues would see me. I was lost. Even subbing hadn't prepared me for the paperwork, the lessons (I had a new student who spoke ZERO words of English when she was dropped in my room on the second day of school), the behavior issues, the supplies everywhere, the messy desks at the end of the day, and so on and so on.

I was in way over my head.

It was then I realized I had no choice: I HAD to find a way to make it work. So I began testing out new classroom systems to make my day smoother and more efficient. Suddenly instead of feeling like I was drowning, I slowly began to keep my head above water. And before long, I was cruising above the waves, even allowing for time off to be spent with my child (instead of stuck at work trying to fit it all in).

While in Florida (I have since moved back to Ohio to be closer to family), I added a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction, as well as my gifted certification to my curriculum vitae.

I have been involved in school committees, been a grade level chair, spoken at local, state, and national conferences, been featured in teacher magazines, and have directly worked with companies such as Pinterest, eBay, ASCD, WeAreTeachers, NEA, and more.

It all started from a simple classroom system I began that worked for me and built on from there. Are you ready to build your systems too?

In addition to the Modules, your enrollment includes Bonus Resources just because we need all the help we can get.

1. Student Motivation Solution Masterclass

If you're not sure how to motivate your students, this masterclass course will help you get some new ideas for getting them moving again.

2. Super Substitute Binder File

This extra bonus is a 22-page editable pack of forms to create your own substitute binder! In both pdf and PowerPoint formats in 3 different backgrounds, you can create something your subs will love when you have to be out.

Ready to learn everything you need to know to be more successful (and less stressed) in the classroom?


6 Training Modules

Resources, Workbooks, and Trainings

Welcome Packet

Weekly Check In Emails for 4 Weeks

Bonus: Super Substitute Binder File

Bonus: Student Motivation Solution Masterclass

Lifetime Access to Course and Materials

Professional Development Certificate (10 hours)

Pricing $59 One-Time Payment


What happens when you buy Simple Classroom Systems during the self-study enrollment period?


You'll lock in the best price and bonuses! You have LIFETIME ACCESS and will always get any new updates to the course forever. While never paying a penny more.


You'll instantly receive a link to login to the course site, a confirmation email, and a welcome packet.


You'll get INSTANT and IMMEDIATE access to the entire course right away to get started. Every 7 days beyond that, you get a weekly email as your self-study session gets underway! Watch at your leisure or move through the course weekly for 4 weeks. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions


You'll get INSTANT and IMMEDIATE access to the entire course right away to get started. Every 7 days beyond that, you get a weekly email as your self-study session gets underway! Watch at your leisure or move through the course weekly for 4 weeks. The choice is yours. You'll have lifetime access to the course materials to review as you please.


I will definitely be sharing my personal experience from being an elementary teacher, but you will be building your own classroom systems based on reflection and what will work for you. We will cover classroom organization, differentiation, classroom management, and tech tips.


Any sort of internet accessible device. Phones, tablets and laptops are all fine.


I offer a 3-Day refund policy. You may request a refund for up to 3 days after you begin the course.  

This refund policy is designed to give you 3 days to try the system, get acquainted, and learn! If you do the work, put in your best effort, and feel that I haven’t delivered on my Simple Classroom Systems promise, I will issue a 100% refund. I do ask for the evidence of your work as I only want students who are willing to be present in the course and actually do the work. I am giving my 100% effort to provide the best and most effective learning environment possible, and want my students to have the same high standard. You owe it to yourself to give it your best! When you join Simple Classroom Systems, you're acknowledging that you have received and agreed to these terms.  


Work at your own pace. SCS is meant to relieve stress, not cause it.


It is not required at all. Librarians, instructional aides, substitutes, and pre-service teachers will all benefit from this program.


Yes! While I do focus on some tried and true methods that have worked for years, I also LOVE to ask ideas from others teachers - sometimes they have a system that works too! As others share great ideas, your course is updated during regular intervals as needed when those changes occur.


Investing in your business and yourself is so important for growing beyond where you are currently. Fun fact: you CAN claim the amount spent on this course on your taxes as a business deduction (professional development).


At the conclusion of the course, you will be given a downloadable certificate for the 10 hours of PD provided within the course. It will be up to you to find out whether that certificate is accepted. I will not be able to provide any other additional documentation.


This course works if you do, but it does not guarantee that you will have no behavior problems or paper stacks within 4 weeks. Even though I have represented this course in the most honest and truthful way possible, and the process that I teach in this course has worked for me, your results may vary depending on a number of factors including your classroom size, dedication, skills, ability and determination, etc. Because these factors vary according to each individual, I cannot and do not guarantee your success.

However, if you make the time, put in the effort and commit to this course, I will support you in reaching your goals for the duration of the 4 weeks. You are responsible for the results you achieve. I do my best to provide you with quality information and guidance within reason, but ultimately it is up to you to achieve the results you desire.